About us

About us

It is our daily desire and mission to lend a helping hand to those who are near us in need.

Caritas of the Diocese of Dubrovnik is a charitable institution of the Catholic Church and a non-profit organization. We have been operating in an organized manner since 1990 - we ensure and promote charitable activities in the territory of our Diocese. The patron saint of our Caritas is the Blessed Mary of the Crucified Jesus Petković.

The users of the services of Caritas of the Diocese of Dubrovnik are individuals and families in various needs arising from the threat of personal, family and socio-economic unfavorable situations.

There are about 1100 people in the Caritas records from the area of ​​the Diocese of Dubrovnik. Our mission is to be a helping hand to people who turn to us, to whom we cannot solve all problems or do it for them, but we can be a support along the way, striving to provide effective love.

Our most important projects and daily activities through which we help are:

  • Loan of medical aids to elderly and infirm citizens - electric sick beds, wheelchairs, crutches and more
  • Scholarships for students of lower financial status
  • Every month distribution of food packages and occasional hygiene supplies for the users most in need
  • Children's Caritas - distribution of baby food, diapers and clothes for babies and children
  • Distribution of clothing and footwear to users


Most of these activities are financed from diocesan funds, and we want to increase donations so that we can expand our activities. 

Therefore, it is possible to fit into the story of Caritas with small financial resources, in accordance with the possibilities. No amount is too small and we are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts. 

The account for the payment of donations is:

HR8024070001100367971 OTP bank, SWIFT data for payments from abroad: OTPVHR2X.

You can also help us by volunteering - making your talents available.

Last but not least - you can help with your prayers for our Caritas, so that all of us involved in this story have a heart and mind that can offer love in action day in and day out.

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